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                    Thoughts on Libra

                    Facebook has announced their Libra cryptocurrency. This is good news for cryptocurrencies and market-incentivized networks. I worry that Libra's financial inclusion might come with an attendent loss of privacy or autonomy.
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                    Facebook for My Stuff

                    SquareTag is a social product platform. Social products have relationships with owners, manufacturers, and others. Social products promise to make things more useful and reduce the total cost of ownership.
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                    Moving Toward a Relationship Network

                    Would you have your electronic bills delivered by Facebook or Twitter? Not likely. You bank won't trust them and neither will you. You need a channel that is designed for banking with the right security, privacy, and legal foundations. A standards-based, decentralized, multi-channel relationship network, however, could easily be used for this purpose because the banks and companies delivering bills could define the nature of the channel. They don't have to wait for Facebook to get around to it and then hope they do it right.
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                    Facebook Domination Isn't Inevitable—It's Not Even Likely

                    More people—especially geeks—need to understand that protocols are worth the effort they require. And let's not dodge that; decentralized systems are more work. They are harder to design, harder to build, and harder to bootstrap. But the forcing function, freedom, is powerful and eventually wins out.
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                    A Facebook of Things

                    When we talk about social products and services, the question that naturally arises is: what will be the Facebook of Things look like? Here are my thoughts.
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                    What's Facebook Thinking?

                    Image via CrunchBase Jesse Stay knows more about social networking and Facebook than anyone else I know. And I'm fortunate that he's a friend and lives close by. So this week Scott and I sat down with him to record a Technometria podcast on Facebook's latest moves. We talked about the recent changes and issues with Facebook and other networking sites and discussed the relevance of Twitter, data availability, and privacy.
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                    Putting a Facebook Like Button in a Movabletype Blog

                    The top of this post has a Facebook "like button." I'm not sure I'm going to leave it there, but I though I'd share how I did it. These instructions are for Movabletype: Edit the "Individual Entry Archive" template under "Archive Templates" Once you decide where you want the button in the template, insert the following code: <iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=<$MTEntryPermalink$>&layout=standard&show_faces=false&width=390&action=like&colorscheme=light" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; height: 25px; width:390px;"></iframe> Note that <$MTEntryPermalink$> is what gets the entry URL and places it in the call to Facebook Save the template Republish any entries you want to have the like
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                    Spamming Like a Pro: The Value of Social Data

                    This article at TechCrunch: How To Spam Facebook Like A Pro: An Insider's Confession is written by Dennis Yu, a reformed ad spammer on Facebook. In it, he says: When the Facebook platform first launched, developers used Google AdSense, which was paying 10-15 cent eCPMs, meaning that developers were earning 10 to 15 cents for every 1,000 ads they shown. But soon, ad networks, such as the one I operated, stepped in to show that by using social data and some clever ad copy, we could raise this to well over $6--that's 60 times better than
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                    Am I Done with Facebook? Twitter FTW!

                    I got a message from Facebook today saying that someone had friended me. I realized I didn't care. Not that I didn't care about the person who'd friended me--I didn't care about Facebook. It's been weeks since I was there and my life is pretty much the same. I think the reason is Twitter. Twitter is much more social, much more interesting, and the plethora of clients (including any mobile phone with SMS) means that I don't have to remember to go check the site to see what's happening. Twitterific displays a solid stream of the 140 character thoughts
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                    CTO Breakfast Report for January

                    Scott Lemon shows off his XO Laptop(click to enlarge) We started off this morning discussing AsteriskNow, an easy install of the Asterisk VoIP system. Scott Lemon and I talked to Jared Smith a while back on that. Apparently it's pretty easy to set up and get working. Scott claims 3 hours start to finish. I brought up ProQuo, a service that aims to stop junk mail. I signed up on Halloween and I've got to say I've noticed a real drop in the amount of junk mail I get. Score one for us! Scott brought his XO laptop and
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                    CTO Breakfast on Thursday!

                    This Thursday is the CTO Breakfast! We've got a few really cool things lined up: Scott Lemon is going to give a short tutorial on writing Facebook applications Scott also is going to bring his XO Laptop (one laptop per child) OK, so basically, it's the Scott Lemon show. But I'm sure it will lead to plenty of good discussion. So come prepared to learn and to talk about the cool things you've seen since last we met. The breakfast is at the Novell Cafeteria (Building G). It's not as far as you think! Really. I promise. Try it
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                    Facebook Beacon Demo

                    If you've been curious about privacy concerns over Facebook Beacon, this demo shows how it works and why some are concerned. I think Moveon.org is totally the wrong organization to take this on, but whatever. If you're a Firefox user (one more good reason to switch), these instructions show how to use the BlockSite plugin to kill Beacon. This will still allow you to use the rest of Facebook.
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                    Stop Complaining and Starting Building

                    Doc, as usual, hits the nail on the head in explaining how to solve the privacy-problem-de-juer: Facebook's advertising platform. To wit: If we want our reach to truly exceed Facebook's grasp, we can't just tell Facebook to stop grasping. We have do deals on our terms and not just theirs. We have to have real relationships and not just systems on the sell side built only to "manage" us, mostly by minimizing human contact. Perhaps most of all, we need to come up with systems that help demand find supply, rather than just ones that help supply find (or
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                    Facebook Beacon: The Fine Line Between Advertising and Recommendations

                    I posted a piece at Between the Lines on the fine line between advertising and recommendations. The basic idea: Facebook has missed out on a tremendous opportunity to use recommendation permissioning to annotate their social graph with trust information--that's an order of magnitude more valuable than the graph itself.
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                    Facebook for the iPhone

                    Facebook announced a version for the iPhone. The formatting and content of the site is rearranged to create a more pleasing iPhone experience. I just logged on from my iPhone and found it far superior to navigating the tradition Facebook site from the iPhone. Of course, there's not really an "iPhone version" since the iPhone version will work on anything with a browser. It's not as nice on a full sized browser as the traditional formatting, but it would probably be nicer on, say, Opera on your Razr (someone let me know, please). Earlier, Netvibes introduced an iPhone version
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                    Whoa! Facebook Returning Free PHP Code...

                    I just clicked on the photos application in Facebook and got back some PHP code. I won't publish it here, for obvious reasons, but this is the header: <?php /* -------------------------------------------------------- My Photos - html/photos.php --- Author: Jared S. Morgenstern Creation Date: 7/7/06 Overview: Dispatcher page for code encapsulation. -------------------------------------------------------- */
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                    IT Conversations on Facebook

                    Lately Facebook has been all the rage. We've taken note of that at IT Conversations and we've created some Facebook groups for your favorite shows. First, there's the IT Conversations group on Facebook. There's also one for my personal podcast, Technometria. And Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators also has a Facebook group. I'm not sure how we'll be using these, but I'd encourage you to join these groups and help us make them into something that will be useful to all of us. Also, if you're an IT Conversations listener, feel free to add me as a friend as
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