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                    Recent Revisions to the Sovrin Governance Framework

                    The latest revision of the Sovrin Governance Framework is aimed squarely at showing how the Sovrin identity metasystem is compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations. Compliance is an important part of adoption and creating "identity for all."
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                    The Sovrin Foundation

                    This article describes the role that the Sovrin Foundation and associated groups play in governing, operating, and using the Sovrin Network. The Sovrin Network is designed and intended to be decentralized so understanding the key influence points and community groups is important.
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                    Decentralized Governance in Sovrin

                    Decentralized systems require governance to function well. Ideally this governance should be clear, open, and effective without impacting the decentralized nature of the system. This post describes the governance of the Sovrin network. Our approach is a constitutional model based on an agreement we call the Sovrin Trust Framework that informs and guides everything from code development to the responsibilities of the various actors in the system. The Sovrin Trust Framework enables decentralized governance of the Sovrin network.
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                    Decentralization and Distributed Ledgers

                    Some claim that decentralized system that have to be governed aren't really decentralized. This article explains why that thinking is misguided.
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                    Governance for Distributed Ledgers

                    Governance in permissioned distributed ledgers provides a real solution to some of the ad hoc machinations that have occurred recently with non-permissioned blockchains.
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                    GM, Its Shareholders, and Slower Rusting

                    As we all know, the US government is now GM's largest shareholder. As someone who has served on the boards of several companies, this gives me great pause. It's unlikely that GM is going to choose me to be on it's board, but if they did, I'm not sure I'd understand what I was meant to do. When you serve on the board of a for-profit company, your fiduciary duty is clear: increase shareholder value. Boards work for the shareholders and shareholders invest in companies to make money. Sure, the law imposes other duties on boards
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                    SOA Governance Podcast

                    As part of preparing for my upcoming tutorial in NYC on SOA Governance (Nov 8, 2007), I went back an listened to this interview I did with Todd Biske and Ed Vazquez for IT Conversations. Todd and Ed are so smart on this topic. I got a lot of good ideas from listening to this again. I changed some of the things I was going to talk about after reviewing this. If you don't care about enterprise IT, it will bore you to death, but if you do, there's some great ideas here.
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                    SOA Governance Tutorial

                    I'm going to be doing a day-long tutorial on SOA governance at the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum in New York on November 8th. If you register before October 7th, it's $695. After that it's $795 until November 5th. Then the price goes up to $895. Here's the details: Counterintuitive as it may seem, SOA requires more organizational discipline than previous development models. Your intuition might tell you that flexibility results from less rules, not more, but that's not the case. Standardization provides the underpinnings for SOA across an organization. To prevent IT from being overwhelmed by this new complexity,
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                    Making SOA Governance Collaborative

                    The irony of loosely coupled SOA systems is that they require more, not less rules. Governance manages the rule making process. My InfoWorld feature on SOA governance Teaming up for SOA came out this week. I was writing this article at about the same time we did this Technometria podcast with Todd Biske and Ed Vasquez.
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                    Governance As Collaboration: Managing Layers 8 and 9

                    I'm doing a feature for InfoWorld on SOA governance and collaboration. The genesis was a short piece I did for InfoWorld on emerging collaboration options. Somehow Eric Knorr and I got talking about how SOA was a formalization of how collaboration can happen in building distributed applications and that governance was a key part of all that. Governance is a term that has been much hyped in the last year, but that's because it's so important. Like most things, the technology of SOA isn't the hard part--its what Rohit Khare calls level 8 and 9 in the OSI seven-layer
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                    SOA Forum Wrap-up

                    Halley Suitt(click to enlarge) My laptop was giving me grief yesterday (I think it's a memory problem) so I didn't get to everything I was planning on writing up. For example, I went to Halley Suitt's talk at Syndicate in the afternoon. Halley is one of the early bloggers and a great writer. She writes Halley's Comment and is the CEO of Top Ten Sources. She's also a sometime contributor at IT Conversations, doing a show called Memory Lane (I'd like her to do more shows--hint, hint). The panel on SOA Governance went very well and we had some great
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                    Getting Started with SOA

                    I'm at the InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum today. I'm moderating a panel on SOA governance and speaking on digital identity. The conference is completely sold out. I was part of a team that wrote a feature for InfoWorld last week on the SOA lifecycle. I've watched (and helped) InfoWorld move into this space over the last few years and I think they've done more than just report on what's happening: they're part of the conversation and clarifying concepts in helpful ways. Bruce Graham, BEA(click to enlarge) Tony Bishop gave the opening keynote. He's the SVP for Corporate Investment Banking
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                    SOA Governance Panel Reprise

                    We'll be doing a reprise of the SOA governance panel at the SOA Executive Forum on May 16th in New York. The panelists will be: Ed Vazquez of Sprint-Nextel. Ed's the Group Manager of the Web Service Integrations & SOA. Jeff Schneider of MomentumSI Johannes Viegener of Software AG. Johannes is Vice President of the R&D Crossvision Suite Michael Hill of HP. Mike is the Global Director for Enterprise Architecture & Governance This should be a great panel. Ed and Jeff were on the panel in March and did a bang up job. I've heard good things about both
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                    Federated Identity Feature

                    SAML Federated ID (InfoWorld)(click to enlarge) My feature on Federated Identity Governance came out today in InfoWorld. There are three pieces: The hidden challenges of federated identity - Federation is the logical goal of identity infrastructures, but achieving it takes more than just technology User-centric identity brings federation close to home- Agreements between peers can add up to an effective federation Scaling a federated identity infrastructure - Most identity federations start small, but as they grow in size you may need to rethink your approach If you read them and want to know more, buy the book!
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                    Jeff Gleason on Achieving Reusability with SOA

                    I'm at InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum this morning in San Francisco. I'll be conducting a panel on SOA governance later this afternoon. There's a sellout crowd. InfoWorld really knows how to put these things together. I also know from working with Eric Knorr, Steve Fox, and other editors at InfoWorld that they try really hard to make sense of this, create good ways to explain it, and develop sound advice. The opening keynote is by Jeff Gleason, Director IT Strategies, Transamerica Life Insurance Company. He's speaking, from experience, on achieving reusability using SOA. Transamerica provides life insurance, pensions, and
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                    SOA Governance Panel

                    I'll be moderating a panel on SOA governance at InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum March 16 in San Francisco. This will be a follow-on to the feature I did on SOA governance that ran in January. The panelists will be: Todd Biske of AG Edwards. Todd blogs actively about SOA. He had a recent piece about governance with an analogy to voting that I enjoyed. Ed Vazquez of Sprint-Nextel. Ed's the Group Manager of the Web Service Integrations & SOA. David Harrington of MedicAlert? Foundation. David's the CTO at MedicAlert. Mystery Panelist. We're still waiting for confirmation on this guest.
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                    SOA Governance Feature

                    The SOA Governance feature I did for InfoWorld is up today. There are four parts: Governing SOA - Rules, standards, and policies are the difference between playing with SOAP and real SOA. A degree of tolerance for SOA -- There's a danger in going too far. Exclusive: Infravio brings structure to unwieldy SOA -- A review of X-Registry 5, one of a handful of tools that form and infrastructure for governance. Understanding UDDI -- A quick reference to UDDI-compatible registries. This was a fun series to do and I learned a lot writing it. Steve Fox wrote an intro
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                    SOA Governance and WS Lifecycles

                    SOA Governance Links the Producer and Consumer Lifecycles (click to enlarge) I'm trying to put together some graphics for the SOA Governance article I'm working on. Once concept I like is the idea that governance links the producer and consumer lifecycles. I've tried to capture that idea (roughly) in the graphic at the right. I'd sorely appreciate comments on what's wrong with it and what I'm missing or might communicate more clearly another way. One thing that confused me for a second was that I wanted to put "discover" as a "design time" activity, but that's really only "design time"
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                    Toward More Tolerant SOA

                    In writing the SOA governance piece for InfoWorld, I've been thinking a lot about how organizations can misuse governance. I've been spending some time reading what Jeff Schneider and Dion Hitchcliffe have to say on the subject of tolerance. One thing that springs to mind is to get overly restrictive in ways that cover up poor design and reduce loose coupling. Here are a few examples I was turning over in my mind. Suppose that my organization is making a commitment to SOA. One of the issues that will come up that requires governance is choosing a standard for
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                    SOA Governance Questions

                    As I work on my SOA governance story, I came up with a list of questions for companies about SOA governance. Feel free to leave comments or to contact my directly with answers and ideas. As I dig into this, it's clear there's a book waiting to be written around this topic. How would you characterize the stage your company is at in deploying SOA-based systems? (some examples; pilot, beginning, advanced) Do you have a strong Enterprise IT Governance process now? If so, how is you SOA governance related to IT governance? Is it just a piece of it
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                    SOA Governance Article

                    I'm working on an article on SOA governance for InfoWorld. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them. What I'm not looking for is emails that say things like the one I got yesterday. The PR person claimed her client has been "delivering SOA governance" to customers, like you can buy governance by the gross. I've been collecting some articles I run across at this del.icio.us tag. I'm particularly interested in hearing about what people doing large SOA deployments are doing about governance.
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