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                    I'm Going to Gluecon

                    I'm going to be speaking at GlueCon in Denver on May 12-13. The overall theme of the conference is that there is a lot of interesting stuff happening in what we might have thought of as "glue" before--all the code that holds things together. Turns out that there's plenty of value you can add in the glue that makes the resulting mash-up better. Glue is a new conference (the best kind) and is being organized by Eric Norlin, Seth Levine, and Phil Becker. These guys do good conferences. Eric and Phil were the founders of DIDW. More recently Eric's
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                    Dinner at Velocity?

                    I'm at the Velocity Conference in Burlingame, CA today and tomorrow. I was planning on dinner at Kincaids tonight. If you're interested in coming, drop me a note or direct me on Twitter and I'll include you in the reservation.
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                    At Velocity Next Week: Automating Infrastructure

                    I'm going to be at O'Reilly Velocity conference next Monday and Tuesday. Scott Lemon and I talked with Jesse Robbins (conference chair) and Adam Jacob (presenter) for a Technometria podcast a few weeks ago and got a lot out of it. I decided the conference was something I needed to be at.
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                    Internet Retailer Conference 2008: Keynote by Mike Boylson

                    I'm at the Internet Retailer this week at the McCormick Center in Chicago. I haven't been to an industry conference like this since 2000. The opening by Jack Love was, frankly, a throw away. Nothing like a Phil Becker welcome at Digital Identity World. Jack spent his 15 minutes telling us why his conference was so important ("this show is full of content") and saying things about ecommerce that anyone who's been paying attention since 1997 probably know ("ecommerce works as well for small merchants as large merchants"). Instead, he should have introduced a theme and set out the
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                    IIW 2008 Happening May 12-14

                    The announcement and registration pages for IIW 2008 are now live. Please take minute and do three things: Register so we know you're coming. Having a good count early makes the whole thing go smoother. Help us spread the word by blogging about it. Put a badge for IIW on your Web site if you can. Here's the code for the badge you see on the right hand side of my blog: We expect that IIW2008 will be every bit as productive and fun as past IIWs have been I hope you can make it.
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                    TripIt Is My New Best Friend!

                    If you travel and haven't yet heard of TripIt, you're going to be sooo excited! TripIt is a site that keeps track of your travel. But unlike many other sites that promise to help you with your travel, this one is so easy and useful, you'll actually use it. Here's what you do: when you get an itinerary from the airline or a hotel, just email it to plans@tripit.com. You're done. When you email your first item to TripIt, they'll create an account for you and send you a confirmation email. Click the link and you're in. I was
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                    Going to Beijing in April

                    I'm planning a trip to Beijing in April for WWW2008. I'm looking for other things (conferences, speaking engagements, etc.) I might combine it with in Asia to maximize the trip/time benefit. Any ideas?
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                    At Defrag

                    I'm in Denver at Defrag. Eric Nolan, Brad Feld, and Phil Becker have organized it to discuss "the internet-based tools that transform loads of information into layers of knowledge, and accelerate the "aha" moment. Defrag is about the space that lives in between knowledge management, "social" networking, collaboration and business intelligence." I missed Dave Weinberger's keynote. I didn't want to--he's an engaging speaker and this performance must have been great: I walked in as someone commented that she never expected to come to a tech confernce and cry in the first sessions. But to make it I would have
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                    In Denver With a Free Evening

                    I'm going to be in Denver Tuesday evening (June 26). Anyone interested in dinner? If so, contact me.
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                    WWW2007 Wrap-Up

                    Today I'm on my way home from Banff. The conference goes until Saturday, but with IIW starting Monday of next week and Sunday being Mother's Day, I didn't feel like I could hold out until the end. My feelings on WWW2007 are mixed. This is one of the few conferences I'm aware of in this space that mixes academic and commercial interest. I think that's a worthy goal. What's more, I attended many good presentations that led me to new lines of thought. That's the ultimate measure of a presentation or conference, I think. And yet, I was also
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                    Off to Banff for WWW2007

                    I'm headed to Banff next week for WWW2007. If you're going to be there too, I arrive Monday afternoon and I'm looking for a group to go dinner with on Monday night. Let me know. I'm doing a tutorial on user-centric identity on Tuesday morning. Not quite ready, but getting there. The demos are working and the slides are mostly done. Just need a little polish. In any event, I'll be writing about the conference throughout the week, and tagging the coverage with www2007. If you're curious, here's what I wrote about www2006 last year in Edinburgh.
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                    Leaving Arkansas

                    I'm about to board my flight to Salt Lake City, leaving Arkansas after my first visit ever. Besides being able to put another notch in my belt, the trip was a good one for other reasons as well. I enjoyed the small town feel of Jonesboro, the drive from Little Rock, and, especially, the BBQ. The Identity Solutions Symposium was good, providing me with some new things to think about and many new contacts in the world of identity. All in all, a worthwhile trip.
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                    Arkansas and Identity

                    I'm in Arkansas at the Identity Solutions Symposium and Workshop in Jonesboro. I speak Thursday on the social and economic aspects of digital identity. I'm looking forward to it. I've never been to Arkansas before. I flew into Little Rock and drove up to Jonesboro because the flights into Memphis didn't work out timewise. The drive is about 2.5 hours, so I had plenty of time to get acquainted with Northeast Arkansas. The rental car lottery gave me a PT Cruiser. I've never driven one before--I wouldn't say it's a particularly fun car to drive. Boring actually. But I
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                    FCW Government CIO Conference

                    Hotel Del Coronado(click to enlarge) I've been at the Federal Computer Week Government CIO conference today in San Diego. I was asked to speak on Digital Identity and they were even good enough to give away some copies of my book. Here are the slides from my talk. I wish I'd had more time to develop some of the themes. The conference was at the Hotel Del Coronado, a lovely place on the beach. I took a few pictures. Tomorrow I heard to Chicago to talk about Web services and data sharing.
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                    I'm just getting ready to leave to WWW2006 in Edinburgh Scotland. I'll be blogging interesting talks and events after I get there (sometime tomorrow). You can follow my coverage by looking at my www2006 tag or even subscribing to my www2006 specific RSS feed.
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